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Clogged Tear Duct and Eyesight?

My 3 1/2 month old has a clogged tear duct. Some days are good, some are bad. My question is about vision...

My older daughter also had this and has pretty bad eyesight in the eye that was affected (20/90). I'm worried that it was caused by the clogged tear duct. I'm worried that my youngest will also have vision problems because of the clogged tear duct. Anyone else have a child with a clogged tear duct who ended up having poor vision in the affected eye?

And I don't believe the 6 in 100 babies have it. I'm 2 for 3!

Clogged Tear Duct and Eyesight?
My son had a clogged duct until he was about 5 months old and it cleared up on its own. So far he isn't showing any signs of vision problems.
Reply:My daughter had clogged tear ducts when she was an infant but she has no problem seeing at all.
Reply:My first baby had one clogged tear duct. The Dr. prescribed drops for him. It has been a long time ago, so I do not remember how long we used the drops, but they did work.

He grew up without any eye problems at all. He went all the way though school no problems.

My second baby was OK.
Reply:My one son had a clogged tear duct, but with medical care, it healed and he is your daughter's a recurring one? What have you used to heal it? Which prescription? Good luck!
Reply:My MIL was just telling me the other day that she had problems with clogged tear ducts with both my husband and his brother. Neither of them had vision problems when they were young. I think my husband didn't start wearing glasses until after college, don't know about my BIL.
Reply:Nope Hailey had one and she can see just fine...


Everything clogged?

how common is it (if you live upstairs) that all of your sinks are clogged at the same time?

my sink is clogged

my toilet is clogged

my shower is clogged

how often does this happeN?

has it happened to you?

if i call the maintenance guy will they fix it? is it free? how big is this probleM??

what do you think is stuck in there?

could hair be clogged all of this?

how do i unclog it myself? what will make "IT" go away? will is discinigrate by itself?

help pleasssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeee

Everything clogged?
If everything is clogged, the main drain line is clogged. Call maintenance. It should be free if you are renting. It will not disintegrate on it's own.
Reply:You need to call a plummer / maintenance person to take a look.

If you live in an apartment, you let the owner know / if you are renting a house.

I've never never heard of everything being clogged at the same time, but maybe something is clogged where the water travels through to enter each seperate pipe. My advice- call someone.
Reply:Something is stuck in the main stack. Call the maintenance guy. He can either snake it out from the basement or from one of your drains.
Reply:This is bad I wouldn't fix it myself I'd have someone come in and fix it for you.
Reply:If you live upstairs, I'm guessing is a 2 stories appt. means that the main drain of the appts is clogged, so your neighboor downstairs must have the same problem, if not means that you have a separate main drain and needs to be unclogged as well. If you want to do it yourself is going to be hard but not imposible, you'll have to look for the main drains pipes in the basement or garden, you'll see a big screw (it is round an has a square hole in the center) that you can unscrew with a Ratchet and work from there with a manual tape for unclogging or the motorized ones, maybe you will have it done in no time, it hapened to me last year and I unclogged it sticking the garden hose at full blast in the main drain pushing and pulling till unclogged.

I'll recomend you if you are renting that you call the landlord and let him know what is happening, they should fix it for you at no cost at all, and if the lower appt. share the same probem and both are owners then both should pay to get it done by a plumber.
Reply:Call your landlord, first and set up an appt. to have the clog cleared.... DO NOT under any circumstances buy Drano or any other such product and attempt to unclog it yourself.... (This is from personal experience).... It will cause more damage.... However, AFTER the drains are cleared... In the future once a month or regular household bleach down your drains... (toilet,sinks,tub etc...) that will help clear any future clogs....

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Clogged Poors on my Nose, how do I fix?

My nose has so many clogged poors now, I want to un clog them, with out damaging. Last month, I pought one of those ponds things, I put it on my nose %26amp; pealed it off, it un-clogged a few poors. But now there is almost like a crator in place of the clogged poor. Like the thing that was clogging it was yellow. Now its gone but its dark in that hole, and it kinda indents. Anyway, does anyone know of a good way to unclogg all the poors on my nose?

Clogged Poors on my Nose, how do I fix?
Try a good but gentle facial cleanser; Noxema, Neutrogena, Cetaphil are all great choices. After you have washed and dried your face you need to apply a good pore toner which will help close your pores back up (the warm water opens your pores allowing them to be cleansed). I use Neutrogena pore toner.

Whenever your face is exposed to heat you need to remember to then cool it back down.

Hope this helps!

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Girls wat is the best foundation that will give excellent flawless coverage, and will not clog pores?

I find that many foundations that give excellent coverage contain mineral oil, this clogs pores causing spots! is there an alternative?


Girls wat is the best foundation that will give excellent flawless coverage, and will not clog pores?
I use Bare Essentials by i.d. You can get it at Ulta and Sephora. Just make sure you get the bisque with the concealing brush in addition to the full-coverage brush and foundation. It won't clog a single pore and it gives full coverage without looking "fake".
Reply:I order Sheer Cover. It's powder and so it feels light on your skin. It won't clog your pores. If you can't order it, then I would suggest other powder foundations. The liquid ones seep into your skin.
Reply:Writer of truth speaks the truth=

Bare Essentials (also called Bare Minerals).

I've tried it all, and now won't use another thing!
Reply:I use Maybelline Wonder Finish (liquid-to-powder foundation). I think it's very affordable and Fab :)

(it does not clog pores; it is hypoallergenic; super blendable and lightweight)
Reply:I have really oily, acne-prone skin that's hard to match with the right color. L'Oreal TrueMatch has been GREAT for me. Doesn't make me break out and covers smoothly. If you're shiny, put a little Mabelline Shine Control power on top - also non-comeodegenic and oil-free.
Reply:I like Neutrogena Healthy Skin foundation, However what works and looks good on one person might not on another......
Reply:bare essentials BABY it works for your skin not against it!!!!!
Reply:You can also use a good primer which creates a protective layer between your face and your makeup. A primer that contains silicone can also reduce the appearance of pores and fine lines. I use Clean Slate by Tarte ($27 at Sephora) and there are many many other brands you can try too - just ask for a sample.


I am torn between two sides to an argument on vaseline : DOES IT CLOG PORES IF APPLIED TO FACE?

scroll to number ten,

people tell me it clogs pores, but i have very dry skin and would like to use it on my face, but i wont without some reassurance,

I am torn between two sides to an argument on vaseline : DOES IT CLOG PORES IF APPLIED TO FACE?
Yes. Why would you put a petroleum product on your body? There are so many vegetal (plant) based products on the market that are natural and so much kinder to your skin.
Reply:you know i use to use Vaseline and i never had clogged pores but i started to use natural oils like extra virgin olive oil and it made my skin look very nice and it gave me the moisture i need and now when i take showers and dry my skin has a natural shine to it and I'm not as ashy when i let my skin dry completely. you can buy extra virgin olive oil at a 99 cent store they always have some there. you can also try oils like

sunflower, hemp, jojoba will work pretty much everywhere.

For deeper moisturizer , use solid oil like coconut, palm or shea butter.

PS extra virgin olive oil works great on hair too
Reply:Clean your skin before applying the Vaseline. This should prevent the Vaseline from trapping dirt and oil in your pores. I would not recommend Vaseline as a long term solution to dry skin. It will help chapped skin heal, but can appear greasy and spread to your clothes and bedsheets. After your skin has healed, switch to a strong night time moisturizer. I like Oil of Olay Night time Regenerist. It claims work for wrinkles and fine lines, but I find it can moisturize my skin and doesn't cause breakouts, so I use it even though I am too young to be worried about wrinkles.
Reply:Don't do it. It does clog pores.
Reply:Vaseline is petroleum oil. so yes, it does clog your pores.

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The toilet in my apt has low water pressure and keeps getting clogged. What to do?

I've complained to my landlord who has sent out a plumber a couple of times. Each time they claim they fixed it--but I get home and it's still the same!

It clogs at least once a day. It feels like I spend more time in the bathroom plunging the toilet, than enjoying the rest of my apartment! I usually just plunge the heck out of it, but tonight it's not working. Is there anything else I can try?

The toilet in my apt has low water pressure and keeps getting clogged. What to do?
The problem is not the water pressure in the building. If it has been this way since you moved in then you can bet the problem is the toilet itself. One way to test to see if the sewer lines are blocked in the walls is to fill a 1-gallon bucket with water and pour that right into the center of the toilet bowl as fast as possible. If the toilet flushes normally then the lines are clear and the problem is in the basic design of the toilet. If this is an apartment, odds are that the landlord bought the cleapest toilet he could find, and more often than not, cheap toilets simply do not work well. When you flush it, if the water just swirls around lazily and never glug glugs down all the way, it is probably bad toilet design. The only way to fix this is to throw out the toilet and get a better (more expensive) one. $99 toilets are called 'builder's specials' and are basically garbage. Get one for $200 and it will work much better.

But the landlord does not give a damn if you have to spend all day in the bathroom plunging it. An answer might be to dump several gallons of water on the floor and then tell the landlord that the toilet keeps overflowing. Faced with the risk of water damage to the property and even bigger expense, the landlord might decide it is better to replace the toilet.

I have seen toilets that did not work properly simply because the toilet was a bad design. Simply replacing the toilet with a better model solved the problem. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise; I have seen this too many times.
Reply:If you have a low flow, old toilet, it may not be fixable. If you have low pressure and the pressure is used to assist flush, you might begin by closing and opening the cutoff valve to make sure it is all the way open.

Low flow toilets (required by law) take several forms - the one I just bought (Eljer Titan) works very well and is very quiet. It works by having a tallish tank and only sending the top half through the toilet - greater pressure because of the depth. Others feed the supply water to the bowl along with tank water so the supply water provides more force to push stuff out.
Reply:You could fill a container with about a gallon of water and pour it down the toilet when you flush - it works for my toilet
Reply:That has nothing to do with the water pressure. It is the drain or the vent for the drain. Somewhere in the line (outside at a very low point) there is a cleanout plug. Do yourself a favor and call a plumber for that one. The vent stack should go out the roof and have a top on it that lets the system breath. Sometimes the top gets damaged and animals get in the pipe and clog it up. Again it is an apartment and you may need to call a plumber for that one also. Maybe you can back charge the landlord when you get it fixed.
Reply:Without knowing what kind of toilet (and its inner works) you have, start by taking the lid off the water tank and see how much water is in there. Most toilets have a tall tube, usually white, about an inch in diameter, that comes almost to the top of the tank. The water level should be about 3/4" below the top of that tube. With the top still off, flush the toilet and see how long the 'flapper' stays up to let the water out: a well-functioning toilet will let almost all of the water out of the tank before before the flapper falls down to cover the flush-valve's hole. The flapper is connected to the flush-handle by a chain...if the chain is too loose, the flapper won't come up very high nor will it stay up long enough to empty the tank. If the chain is too tight, the tank will never fill up. Call the management and INSIST that they fix it; ask if their 'plumber' checked the clean-out, the vent pipes, etc.. A last thought: NEVER flush Q-tips, tampons, maxi-pads, paper towels or huge wads of toilet paper. Me, I often pour a big spaghetti-pot full of almost-hot water into a clogged toilet, usually with good results. And NEVER use Drano or LiquidPlumber in a toilet: if you read their labels, they say the same thing.
Reply:This has nothing to do with water pressure. Water pressure doesn't push the crud down the pipe. There are two possible causes that come to mind. One is that the drain pipe from the toilet to the main collection line (lower down) are partially plugged either because there is stuff contricting the flow or the pipe is too small a diameter. The toilet might not be all that well designed either. About the only thing you can do though is double flush. That is, when you are half way done, flush the thing, do some more and then flush again. It might be easier to flush two smaller batches down than one big one.

Kent in SD

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What can I do to stop Central Air Conditioner drainage from clogging up on an old house?

About three times a year the AC drain pipe clogs up and begins to leak by the filter. I have to run a garden hose and attach it to the pipes to clean it through. I know three times a year is way too many times. Is there any way to clean the pipe, such as chemicals that actually work?

What can I do to stop Central Air Conditioner drainage from clogging up on an old house?
Every weekend, while doing the laundry, pour a couple of caps full of bleach down the line. I added a little PVC extension to mine, with a cap.

A little goes a long way, if used regularly.
Reply:Are you attaching the hose to the pipe from the outside to free it up? If you are then you are just pushing the junk up in to the drain pan under the evaporator where it plugs up again.

You should be able to get the evaporator and pan clean enough to keep the pipe clean for a while. but I know accessing it on some installations can be real difficult. Can't help with that.
Reply:It's funny that u have to flush the line 3x a year. U must use the AC alot, otherwise, normal service is 1-every 3 years. They have a flex line brush that u can push it down the drain and clean the drain line that way and u can only buy it at aHVAC outlet. ( AC specialty store) where the service Tech. go to buy there parts.
Reply:go to an a/c dealer ask for antimold tablets, or get some at a pool dealer, [there bleach tablets ] like you use in a pool

small kind or use the big ones. only use 1 if big

put 4 or 5 in the drain pan by the drain opening,

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